Etalon de Yennenga - Grand prix du FESPACOA Trophy, a Story, a Reference

The Yennenga Stallion is the symbol of supreme consecration for the cinematographic prodiction of the official selection. It is represented by a woman warrior, perched on the back of a reared up horse, holding a spear.
This trophy has its meaning from the founding myth of the empire of the Mossés, the largest ethnic group in Burkina Faso. 

The African International Film & TV Market (MICA)

As with FESPACO in 1969, a group of African filmmakers met together in 1982 in Niamey, Niger, and decided to put in place a framework that would enable them to meet with professional buyers and distributors.
This culminated in the birth of the African International Film and TV Market, MICA for short, in 1983. Hotel Silmandé was the venue of the very first market alongside the 8th FESPACO with « The African Filmmaker and audience » for edition's theme.

Dynamically shaped like a rocket ready to fly for another victory, that's the description made by its designer.
This monument built in 1987 symbolizes the filmmaker's working tools: camera lenses, film rolls, zoom and telephoto lenses.
It was built to honour filmmakers and makes them feel at home in Ouagadougou.

The libation ceremony at each edition of FESPACO (as tradition wants it) at the step of the monument is an opportunity to pay a tribute to ancestors and ask for their blessings.

Special prizes are given at FESPACO to reward professional film and video productions from Africa. These prizes are awarded to feature and short films in competition or not, of the official selection.

FESPACO is a platform of encounters to promote the development of Black cinematography. Since ever 1973, a theme has been introduced for each edition for discussion.
The overall theme is chosen based on the current concerns in Africa and on the role cinema has to play in creating awareness among African communities. From this perspective, the theme should be considered as a reflection on the present time preoccupations, rather than a criterion for competition.

FESPACO was established in 1969 at the instance of a group of film enthusiasts willing to promote the true face of Africa and her way of being. The interest and hope the festival created at its 1969 and 1970 editions among the African public and film goers alike saw it turn into an institution in January 1972 with the introduction of a Grand Prize known as the Etalon de Yennenga.

Ever since the sixth edition in 1979, the festival became a biennial event starting on the last Saturday of February each odd numbered year.

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