The Golden Yennenga Stallion chose this year Fièvres (Fevers) by the moroccan filmmaker Hicham AYOUCH.

Synopsis. Benjamin 13 is determined to live with his father Karim he doesn’t know. Karim still lives with his parents and is swept away by life. He finds himself helpless against the insolent and impulsive teenager
who will violently change their lives.

Tey (Today)

The Golden Yennenga Stallion chose this year the "Land of Teranga" as homeland.

A reward which is greatly deserved by Senegal, one of the pioneers who contributed to the birth of FESPACO and to its shining.


Rihana is a young lady of about 20 years old. She comes to a psychiatric hospital. She thinks she is pregnant from Zyad, a young friend of her village.

Wil this be approved by the Horse Lord, a spirit respected by his father ? To solve this mystery, Rihana will be in the hands of Zineb, a psychiatrist who will try to make her speak although she does not seem to cooperate.


In the early 70s, Anberber left his village Minzero for Germany , to study. When he comes back to Ethiopia in 1990, he was not the same person; he even said he came to die. What happened to him all along these years?

A young former Sierra Leonean fighter, is struggling to find his bearings and return to his country. His daily life is divided between a psychological rehabilitation centre and a national reconciliation tribunal under the auspices of the UN. During the trial, Ezra has to face his sister who is accusing him of the murder of their parents. Ezra can't remember a thing. Will Ezra admit to the horror and allow his sister and village community to forgive?


Nouadhidou is a far remote small town of a peninsula on the Mauritanian coast. Abdallah joins his mother there while waiting for his departure to Europe . In this place of exile and precarious hopes, the young man who does not understand the language, tries to understand the universe around him…

Ali Zaoua

Ali, Kouka, Omar and Boubker are friends. A very strong friendship ties them to each other despite all their daily difficulties. One day, Ali is killed in a quarrel between rival gangs. From that moment on, his three friends have only one goal: to offer him the burial he deserves.

Pièces d'identités

Mani Kongo, an ageing Zairian king, resolves to set out for his daughter Mwana, form whom he has not heard since she was sent to Belgium to study at the age of 8. Mani Kongo arrives at Brussels airport, clad in the symbols of his traditional power: a sculptured head piece, a finely carved stick and a beautiful pearl necklace. Forced by Belgian customs officers to pay an importation tax on the treasured works of art he is wearing, Mani Kongo later finds himself obliged to pawn them through Jos, an antique dealer.

Buud Yam

At the outset of the 19 th Century at the Niger river bank, a young man aged 20 or so Wend Kuuni, sets off on a perilous journey to find a healer to cure his dying sister Puugneere. In fact, Wend Kuuni has been living with the overwhelming weight of a tragic destiny since childhood. The young man has to confront by his own the unforeseen events of this journey. But will he make it?


Sitakili, a village in the Sahel , is governed by Guimba Dumbuya the king and his son Janginé. Kani Coulibaly was promised to Janginé from birth. Many hankering suitors are now after her but dare not speak out, fearing Guimba's wrath. The son falls in love with Meya, his fiancée's mother. To satisfy his son, Guimba expels Meya's husband from the village. He finds refuge in a hunters' village from where he will organize the rebellion against the tyrant.

Au nom du Christ

Power is sacred. To get it one needs to be powerful and take it by force and also use God in order to deceive a whole people. This fragile Africa where we often find strange situations. How will the African animist living in a village react in the year 2000, when he is asked to choose between Christianity, Islam or any other religion?


Honour is at stake! ‘'Ya tilaï''. That's the law, the clan's law which regulates people's life. This law takes precedence over any other principles and values, including that of solidarity: Individual happiness.

Heritage Africa

Because of his education background and his career in the colonial administration, the transformation of Kwesi Atta Bosomefi into a Westernized man seems inevitable. He changes his name and becomes Quincy Arthur Bosomfield. Yet, from his discussions and confrontations with his mother and wife, a premonitory dream will help him discover the true values of his ancestors.


Born around 1880, at Lougou in Easter in Niger , Queen Sarraounia was educated by an African “Sage” in the traditional spirit. The girl-queen of pagan and obstinate Aznas was 18 when Voulet, acquainted with her existence decides to attack her kingdom despite his superior recommendations. Sarraounia was proud and imbued with her social rank. Irresistible and authoritative, despising the virility of men, she would choose them according to her queenly whims.

Histoire d’une rencontre

An American boy, accompanying his father on oil sites in developing countries, and an Arab boy befriend just because something unites them: both are deaf and dumb.


Bah and Batrou are two students who refuse to abide by the established order and question the society of their ancestors. Bah falls in love with Batrou despite their fathers' disagreement. She passed her exams while he failed. They believe that the results have been rigged. Bitter, they become drug-addicted. Both are arrested during some demonstrations and detained, marking the beginning of physical suffering and humiliation. In spite of this, they grow closer to each other and more resistant.


Karamogo and Fanta are two students in love who make plans to get married. But Karamogo is the son of a praise-singer and tradition does not allow him to get married with Fanta, from a famous background. Both would like to reconcile their love and respect with the principles imposed by tradition.


Balla Traoré is young engineer who introduces some changes in a cloth mill he works with. He meets his namesake Balla Diarra, a “Baara” a porter in the city of Bamako , and decides to hire him in the factory. The boss of the factory, bride-eater Makan Sissoko, finds provocative the young engineer's too democratic behaviour, and has him murdered.

Les mille et une mains

Shot in Morocco , this fictional film compares life in rich households and in poor families working in a factory for luxury carpets. Moha's poor family is strongly affected by the father's palsy from a fall. Moha's son replaces him in the factory. In the rich family on the other hand, that of Jamal, dealing in the carpet trade, huge amount of money is spent in gorgeous parties. Both worlds can not meet.

Muna Moto

This is a poetic tragedy of love between two young people suffering from an abuse of power through the dowry and forced marriage system imposed by the elderly. Ngando and Ndomé are in love. Ngando wants to get married with his love but is reminded that, according to tradition, he must pay the dowry to the young girl's family. An orphan, Ngando talks to his uncle who decides to marry the young girl instead, hoping to settle his doubts of infertility.

Oumarou GandaLe Wazzou polygame

Back from the Mecca, a muslim takes the title of El Hadj. It does not prevent him from desiring the young satou, yet intended for Garba. This one gets furious and leaves the village. The second wife of the Hadj does not accept Satou and plans to kill her the day before the wedding. She makes a mistake and kills a bridesmaid…

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